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Bank Reconcilliation
Client’s Monies Accounting
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When the foundation of your Property Management business is Client Account Bookkeeping, it is critical that you have tight, efficient control over it.

The majority of software systems available are too expensive and cumbersome.

We have over 30 years experience and expertise built into the ProperSys system all of which has come via direct feedback from our clients.

The result is a system that is:

Powerful – Packed with features to make your life easier.

Flexible – Is currently being used by Commercial managers, Residential managers, and letting agent managers.

Forgiving – Sophistication to give you the power and flexibility yet keep the operation simple and forgiving.

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We have used ProperSys for 18 years. It has enabled us to develop and grow our business. It has continually evolved to meet our needs as legislation and reporting requirements change and as our company has developed. We have looked at other alternative solutions but ProperSys has all the things they offer, plus we know we will get an excellent personal responsive service.

Mark Smith

Driver & Norris