Product Detail

Property management software systems for Residential Block Managers, Commercial Managers and Letting Agents.

About 60% of the time and effort resources of a property management agency is client account bookkeeping. Lack of control of this aspect causes major time wasting and trouble shooting. It causes losses of client money which ultimately will need replacing from company profits and it forms an uncertain foundation which restricts business growth and confidence.

Propersys enables your business to know the key information so important to businesses involved in property management and letting:-

  • Know instantly each client balance and know that no payment or receipt has been missed.
  • Know instantly the exact arrears of each tenant or lessee and show how this arises (no working it out from scratch each time!!)
  • Know that controls are in place to prevent the mistakes which can cost so much

Brightsoft provides:-

  • A mentor to explain and support you and your staff through setting up and maintaining best practice procedures which are quick and easy to perform, so allowing more time to be spent on marketing activity and building the business.
  • Ongoing enhancement to your in house skills and art of client account bookkeeping control.
  • Over 30 years experience of working with the property industry which has enabled us to produce a product which comprehensively covers the needs and requirements of Block Managers, Commercial Agents and Letting agents or a mixture of all three.

ProperSys gives the property manager a powerful and accurate bookkeeping system which is fully compliant with all ARLA, ARMA and RICS requirements.

All of the above is included in our ‘Pay As You Go’ scheme. This is NOT a leasing arrangement that involves a third party financial company, but an agreement between ourselves and our clients There is no large software license fee required, and a single, low monthly figure includes all system and support costs and free upgrades. Your business also has the ability to feedback and request additional features and future system developments.