Bookkeeping the property management way

ProperSys has computerised traditional property management methods. It is not a converted office accounts package. It is therefore familiar and user friendly. It offers greatly increased accuracy, flexibility and time savings. It puts you totally in control.

Reduce operating costs through:

  • Time savings – Huge time savings on bookkeeping.
  • Handle more business – Increase your capacity to grow.
  • Control – Confidence that your figures are RIGHT, client balances and tenant arrears.
  • Accuracy – Increased accuracy saving time, money and embarrassment.
  • Collection – Improve arrears collection for happier clients and faster commissions.
  • Flexibility – Produced through study of user needs over many years.
  • Presentation – A high calibre document presentation.

Basic areas:

Training/support – ProperSys comes with one- to- one help for setting up and running this powerful software.  Training sessions and telephone support are there to ensure smooth setup and then ongoing refinement of use and functionality.

Client Ledger – producing Client balances and Client Statements but also Service Charge balances and Year End Reconciliation. Suspense accounts, Security Deposit accounts, Cash accounts and Mirror Accounts all handled.

Rent Ledger – for control of collection of Rent, Service Charge, Ground Rent, Insurance, etc – Producing DEMANDS (or VAT invoices for VAT elected property) and arrears lists.  Powerful automatic facilities to generate regular items and to split apportioned budgets in service charge.

Cash Book – For reconciliation with the bank, leading to Client Ledger Control. Fully integrated posting across all books of Receipts, bounced cheques, and refunds, and across Cash Book and Client Ledger for payments.  Entry errors can be corrected without resorting to cumbersome ‘reverse postings’ up until the period is reconciled and closed.

Maintenance Management – Control of Contractors and Jobs to give the front desk property managers better access to property and account information. History of jobs on a property is given so better judgements can be made.

Diary – a flexible reminder system for use with rent reviews, lease ends, gas safety checks or anything else you may need reminding to do.